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Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


Fund Raising Events for our Hall

Music Quiz Night 2nd October

Run again by our Trustee and compare Rose from Mr Dickie Bows, and Linda from Strollercise, another fabulous evening enjoyed by all.  The event raised £167 in total which brings the total mount raised for the hall to £349.  

We are most grateful for all the hard work that went into this from Rose, the questions, organisation of the 'pens' as they were nicknamed, to keep everyone safe and aware of their social distanced area they could use and the organisation of the raffle.  Both were so much fun.  So much so we may have another one, should we able to do it safely.

So Watch This space......

Our QuizMistress Rose
Our QuizMistress Rose

Music Quiz night 25th September 

We had to put our running shoes on as the government restrictions meant that we had to present the quiz in super fast time. Even though, the quiz went off without a hitch and was well received by everyone. It was lovely to hear the hall full with music and laughter in these tough times. Even though separated by ticker tape in their ‘Pens’, as we dubbed them laughingly on the night, it was safe well organised and a lot of fun. 

Well done to team Ashingdon Six for winning. 

£182 Raised for our hall. Thank you all so much! 
Helen T England