Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


A new type of Drive Through came to Ashingdon and is coming again….. 

Trick or Treat 2021
Trick or Treat 2021

Are you ready for another Haunting at the Hall?

The Trustees of the Hall have organised another Trick or Treat Drive Thru for our community again this year.  We will be supported by the community, The International Drama Academy and our hirers to do the hauntings this year.  Do bring your little darlings for another Spooktacular Event!

Drive Thru again this year for your safety (or is it?) Mwaa ha ha....

Drive Thru Trick or Treat 2020

The committee had a lovely time at the drive through on Halloween Night.  The weather was kind to us and with a spookie projection, Screaming and Cackling Witches, Beetle Juice, a Dancing Skeleton, a roaming Zombie, Morticia Addams and a Devil Woman we proceeded to do our best to provide a fright night for the little ones of Ashingdon and Hawkwell to remember.  The children so brilliantly dressed blew our socks off and it took all we had to try and scare them more than they scared us.  We lost, many sweets were handed out! Though, I must say, I was rather disappointed not to get the promised little ones offered for my tea! 

A huge thank you to Constable Landscapes for providing us with the traffic cones we so desperately needed, at such short notice, to keep the car park organized and safe.

The Event was well attended and the committee thank all of you for your kind comments and gifts.

Getting the sweeties ready for the children
Getting the sweeties ready for the children

Sweetie Work Force

The Ladies from the committee came to the hall this afternoon to package up the sweeties for the Drive through Trick or Treat on Saturday. 

We packed over 200 bags for the children completely COVID safe.  Even though we were all sanitised and masked the bags have now been left for over 72 hours to sit before handing out at Halloween. These bags will be offered in a net to the children in the car as they come to the drive by sweetie station. The bags will be only handled by prongs to transfer into the net or by a gloved hand.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday Night!
Helen T England