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Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


Could we be a possible Covid vaccination Centre?

Would you like your Covid jab at a local venue?

The Trustees of your Ashingdon Memorial Hall are talking to the local health authorities to offer the venue as a mass vaccination centre for the residents of Ashingdon, Hawkwell and Hockley. This would take the pressure off of local doctor’s surgeries and also be more convenient for local residents to have their Covid injections nearby.

The hall is Covid safe with a one way system, track and trace and sanitisers all around the building so there would be little preparation required for the health authorities. There is adequate parking facilities and space for queues should they develop.

Talks are at an early stage but the Trustees are working hard to make the facility available for the health authorities, and increase the number of injections offered in the area. Should the venue be used we would welcome volunteers to help in organising queues, supervising the car park etc. If you would be interested in helping please contact us by email at

Photo by
Helen T England