Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

AGM 2022
AGM 2022
A New Dance Class
A New Dance Class

Strictly Lines - A new Dance Class has come to the hall.

Head over to our 'A Warm Welcome to page' and take a look at what's happening.

Hall Dress Up Day

As Trustees we realised we were unsure of the amount of tables and chairs the hall could take for a comfortable sit down meal or quiz night. So the team gathered together to take stock of our furniture and dressed the hall as if there was to be a party.  Along the way we realised that the hall had many broken tables, so we have made a shopping list of what is required. Once we have purchased the tables the sit down capacity would be 80 persons. Without buffet tables this could afford more table under the window. Which if using said tables could seat another 16 people.


Floor Maintenance
Floor Maintenance

What’s been happening in January. 

That’s right… we haven’t stopped!  The hall floor has had it’s maintenance. In our ongoing bid to work on the hall as a whole, the stage has had maintenance on the floor too.  The difference is unbelievable. 

We have installed a little library. Information on this is at the bottom of this page. 

As you know we are working on all the rooms, the old committee room (now called The Room of Requirement) is in the last throes of decoration. The kitchen needs a complete upgrade. 

So we are asking, if any of our community could help with decorating or DIY or offer any advice with contacts for the kitchen and Room of Requirement we would very much appreciate it! 🙏🏻

We are Volunteers

This Hall is run by Volunteers in the Community for our Community. We are available some of the time. If you wish to make an enquiry about the hall please send us a text or an email and we will endeavor to contact you within three working days. Or if you wish to make a booking please use our online booking system.

Telephone or Text 07307 692889 (Text has a quicker reply)


A little about our hall....

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall is a large beautiful village hall situated between Rochford and Hockley close to Southend.  It is available for hire for up to 200 people in safer times. It has been completely overhauled to meet Covid-19 guidelines and has recently had the floor renovated, which is perfect for dancing and exercise.

A new committee has recently bought the hall to the forefront of the community, by holding community events to help families celebrate certain occasions through 2020 that couldn't have happened due to the Covid-19 Government restrictions. See our Halloween, Remembrance and Christmas Drive Thru event pages.

The Committee have many more plans they would like to bring to the hall like craft fairs, a teaching kitchen, a pantomime, a café and an internet café.  None of this can be achieved without the hard work of the committee and the support of our community.

The hall also needs some renovations, the roof needs repairing, the heating needs updating and the kitchen (is closed) needing urgent refurbishment.  Even though we were in lockdown the committee still achieved so much.  A more detailed list of achievements can be read on our blog 'A Story of a New Committee Member'.

Our hall makes an Ideal Venue and is suitable for Children's Birthday Parties, Business Meetings, Fitness and Dance, Classes, Corporate Events, Quiz Nights, etc. It also has many added extras that make it such a user friendly hall to hire. A Sprung Maple dance floor, Stage area, Bar area which doubles as a serving area for food through its hatch to the hall (it has a microwave, coffee machine, Kettle, coffee cups and sink) Wheelchair accessible Disabled toilet, Children's play area behind hall (King George’s Playing Field), Large free car park, and free Wi-Fi.

We will soon have a separate room called our 'Room of Requirement' this will be for smaller meetings, classes, meditation, craft clubs, health support clubs, and as an extension to the hall should it be required.

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