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Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Prince Philip 1921 - 2021
Prince Philip 1921 - 2021

Opening times for Our Book of Condolence

Our hall will be open on 12th April - 16th April for our community to come and sign a Book of Condolence for Prince Philip.  

We offer a strict Covid Safe procedure. 

The times are as follows:-

Monday 11:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 3:00pm

If you prefer to sign the Book of Condolence online, please add your comment on our Book of Condolence page and we will print and add it to the book. 

Our Online Book of Condolence for Prince Philip

10 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Update for our Hall - 14th April 2021 - National Lockdown

Our phased opening of the hall commenced on the 12th April 2021, inviting back the after school classes and mother and baby/toddler groups. 

From 17th May, everything being equal, adult groups for dance, craft, martial arts and exercise groups can start.

Government Guidance for national lockdown can be found here.

If any of our hirers or prospective hirers need help with regards to a hire in the future please contact us on:- 

Telephone 07307 692889


facebook @ashingdonmemorialhalluk

A little about our hall....

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall is a large beautiful village hall situated between Rochford and Hockley close to Southend.  It is available for hire for up to 200 people in safer times. It has been completely overhauled to meet Covid-19 guidelines and has recently had the floor renovated, which is perfect for dancing and exercise.

A new committee has recently bought the hall to the forefront of the community, by holding community events to help families celebrate certain occasions through 2020 that couldn't have happened due to the Covid-19 Government restrictions. See our Halloween, Remembrance and Christmas Drive Thru event pages.

The Committee have many more plans they would like to bring to the hall like craft fairs, a teaching kitchen, a pantomime, a café and an internet café.  None of this can be achieved without the hard work of the committee and the support of our community.

The hall also needs some renovations, the roof needs repairing, the heating needs updating and the kitchen refurbished.  Even though we were in lockdown the committee still achieved so much.  A more detail list of achievements can be read on our blog 'A Story of a New Committee Member'.

Our hall makes an Ideal Function Venue and is also suitable for Birthday Parties, Business Meetings, Fitness and Dance, Engagements, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Quiz Nights, Children's Parties, Craft Fairs…etc. It also has many added extras that make it such a user friendly hall to hire. A Sprung Maple dance floor, Stage area, Bar area, Kitchen area with serving counter, Wheelchair accessible Disabled toilet, Children's play area behind hall (King George’s Playing Field), Large free car park, free Wi-Fi, and a Separate meeting room available for hire.

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Blog Spot

31 Dec 2020

The Year’s Story of a New Committee Member 

I joined Ashingdon and East Hawkwell Memorial Hall’s committee from an invitation from the Hall’s Manager. I officially became a member on 27th February 2020, which was my late father’s birthday. What an eye opener the following months would bring. 

It was obvious the hall was in a terrible state of repair and needed a lot of love, the bank balance I found out later (in June) was in a terrible state and it was obvious to me that the committee I had joined were prepared to dedicate a lot of time and energy on it. To lavish the love it so deserved and bring it back for the community to use to support them in their livelihoods, education and Celebrations. 

So what happened.... well, as you all know we went into our first Coronavirus Lockdown, the committee came together on Zoom to decide how best to carry on. We overcame the lack of information provided to us and the New Committee pressed on. We contacted the hirers each to confirm their bookings were still safe and to introduce ourselves. We managed to achieve a lot even with Covid restrictions in place the list is long, we:-

•built a new online booking system 

•built a new fresh, informative website

•took control of the bank

•applied for grants

•decorated the bar

•had the maple dance floor repaired and resurfaced

•re-carpeted the entrance 

•cleared the chairs in the main hall to give more space

•installed remote controlled water heater switches

•installed a new broadband service

•installed a broadband access point 

•changed the men’s urinals to a waterless system

•removed the coin operated electric supply for hirers

•produced Heath and Safety and fire procedures

•Produced a hirers information pack

•printed fire posters

•created and printed hall layout diagram

•added Covid sanitiser stations

•added women’s sanitary bins

•a new light in the ladies loo

•fixed the light in the foyer

•did some gardening

•created Covid safe events for our children in the community for Halloween and Christmas funded by the committee 

•created a multimedia account on Facebook to connect with our community 

•obtained a new telephone number

•updated our sign

•contracted a cleaner to deep clean and keep the hall Covid safe

•had two Covid safe quiz nights complete with raffle

•decorated the hall for Christmas 

•continue to answer the phone and reply to emails

•have official email addresses

•supported our community during Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday

•keep our website up to date with Hall News, Celebrations and community news. 

•did a community leaflet drop

•did online training to support the community 

•spent hours on the phone sorting out the halls utility bills. 

•spent hours trying to find the water meter

•had a gas safety inspection

•cleared old rubbish and furniture 

•created Covid signage 

•created free connectivity broadband usage to our hirers 

•each became caretakers of the hall opening for the hirers on rota so to save the financing a new caretaker 

But all in all we supported each other. Our partners and spouses supported us. We started as strangers and have ended up as friends. Each of us with tremendous strengths each bringing something different to the team. We have all worked so very hard with the same goal in mind. To provide our community with a hub, a place to turn to, a place to meet, a place to enjoy. We have so many ideas, so much to offer, and there’s so much we want to do. We would love a choir, a pantomime, a cafe, an Internet cafe, a mother and toddler play group, a teaching kitchen, a craft fair, a fish and chip quiz night, rebuild our porch, put back the outside door to the committee room, open up the windows at the side to the committee room, toilets and kitchen, double glaze said windows, have an open day to invite the community to meet us, our list is endless. But most of all we want our community to join us in bringing this all together. Bring our community back. Support each other in the good times and the bad, and we are forging through the bad. Aren’t we?

So as I sit here, on New Year’s Eve, I’m grateful for 2020 and what it has bought me and for what it has taught me.  It wasn’t the ride I expected or even told I would have as a committee member for the hall, but the ride has been exciting and fulfilling. It’s pulled me back into my love of technology and bought me back up to speed with life. Thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey. I’m so looking forward to what next year will bring. 

Here’s to 2021! 🥂

well done for all the hard work! The community appreciates it!
David Catchpole
It's been great working with you all in 2020 and Carol and myself look forward to the challenges that 2021 will bring. As you said we have all brought something to the party but I must mention Helen especially, you have brought so many skills and your enthusiasm sees no bounds.
All we need now is the residents of Ashingdon and East Hawkwell to come forward with offers of support to help us bring the hall back to its former glory. It is a wonderful asset for the community and must be preserved for future generations.
1st Ashingdon Scout Group
Wonderful achievements within the first year - the support given by the Hall Committee to the Scout Group is greatly appreciated
John Chapman
Brilliant job by all concerned! Well done to the members of the committee
John Chapman
A brilliant job by all concerned!
Thank you everyone for all your hard work in a very difficult year.
Helen T England