Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall



Our hall

Our hall

What do you need to know?

On making a booking there are so many questions that are asked. This page is here to help you. 

How will I get in for my private hire?

The hall is always locked. So private hirers will be met at the beginning of their hire by either our caretaker or a trustee and shown around. 

Where is my deposit refund?

Please send a text message to 07307 692889 with your hire date, full name and bank details 24 hours after your hire. If everything is reported safe and clear we will refund immediately. 

How many tables and chairs are there?

We have enough tables and chairs to seat 120 people. For an idea of what we have please look at our gallery

Is the hall big enough for a bouncy castle?

The simple answer is yes!

Is there a kitchen?

There is and can be hired for a one off payment of £10, however, this is NOT an industrial kitchen and not suitable to cook everything from scratch! For an entire hall of people we recommend hiring a caterer or bringing your own pre prepared food! Though the kitchen in size is big it only has appliances for domestic use only. 

Can we use the stage?

You cannot use the stage or piano without prior permission from the Trustees. Please add the request into your booking or send a text to Helen on 07307 692889 and she will contact the Trustees for you.

Can we leave our rubbish?

No! We do not have a bin service at the hall. Leaving rubbish means we have to pay for it to be removed. No matter how little. If you do leave your rubbish your deposit will be withheld!

Why do I need to tell you how many people will be attending?

For fire regulation safety.

Why was my bouncy castle refused into the hall?

Any hire extra that has not been declared and paid for will be refused entry into the hall. 

Does the hall have crockery and cutlery?

We do have plenty of mugs for tea and coffee. We also have a hot water boiler. We only have a limited amount of crockery and cutlery. We suggest you bring your own to be sure. 

Helen T England
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