Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall

Ashingdon & East Hawkwell Memorial Hall


Regular hires for the Hall. 

Why not join in...

Being a village hall there are many classes and meetings which take place regularly every week. Why not get involved and join in with the local community spirit. 

Mrs Dickie Bows
Mrs Dickie Bows

Mrs Dickie Bows

Learn to Jive with Rose at Mr Dickie Bows School of Retro Dance.

In these unprecedented times you can still learn to dance with your partner in an appropriate area of space designated you both. There are restrictions in place and numbers into the class are limited therefore booking your space is essential. Dancing is great physical activity and really good for mental wellbeing. You can find out more information on her website or find her on Facebook FB Mr Dickie Bows. Everybody is welcome and we look forward to the day when the restrictions can be lifted and normal life returns – but it’s not stopping us dancing at present all be it very limited. For more information Phone Rose on 07712 176361.

Learn to Swing Dance tonight at Ashingdon Memorial Hall SS4 3HF 7.30 - 9.30 everyone and new beginners always welcome. Enjoy creating your own health and activity in a fun way

Sequence Dancing

We are back in the hall on Monday from 13:00 - 16:30. Contact Sylvia to join. 


Stroll your way to fitness – Rayleigh/Hockley/Rochford and Leigh

Low impact, dance-based fitness class strolling to the fabulous music of the 50’s! 5-7,000 steps an hour make great friends and get fit at the same time, all for £5 pay as you go! Booking is essential … please join my fb group for all the up-to-date information and video tutorials to get you started!  New classes coming onboard … Ashingdon class starts Thursday 20th August @ 5.45pm

Contact Lin

07414 572866



With Lee from 9:00 - 11:00. 

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan

Qi Gong

If you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, high blood pressure. Qi gong is an art that can help you feel like you’re getting back in control. I will teach you moves to help, these moves are easily remembered and you can practice this immediately at home when you need it.   

Tai Chi

With a little practice and starting with the training form (The Square Long Form) to prepare your muscles, I will teach you the moves to accomplish The Round Long Form of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan.  This is the flowing movement you often see. It truely is a Mind, Body and Spirit Experience. 

The slow movement massages your internal organs, exercises your muscles and brain, gives you a feeling of wellbeing and a total sense of achievement.  I personally have practiced for 17 years and have found it wonderful to practice alone, with friends, on the beach, in a nature reserve, by the pool, the list is endless. 
If some exercise classes are too much for you, this is perfect and often recommended by many physicians for mental health and to move your body gently.
I have teaching and assessment qualifications for 16+ and currently have two classes; beginners and intermediate. These take place at the hall on a Thursday morning at 11.30am. 
If you have any questions or want to try a class please contact Helen via 


website :

Quiz Nights

There are quiz nights held at our hall.  Keep and eye on our website for dates if you fancy a go.

Julie’s Fitness Class
Julie’s Fitness Class

50 + Keep Fit

This is a fun and friendly all round fitness class for the over 50s.

It's a fabulous way to get fit and healthy. It includes exercise to music using low impact moves joined together to make a great routine, followed by a variety of stretching and toning exercises using bands and balls. You will enjoy all the benefits exercise has to offer whilst having fun and making friends. 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a beautiful class where you will enjoy the benefits of movement, breathing and  relaxation for the mind and body. You will love how this class calms the mind, relieves stress and anxiety, increases happiness, increases blood flow and prana, increases muscle strength and tone, improves flexibility and digestion, stimulates the respiratory system and increases lung capacity, improves balance and stability,  improves sleep and allows you to be present and so much more. 

All ages and abilities are welcome to our classes, we also hold several events throughout the year so you can enjoy the social benefits of coming to class too. 

Please contact Julie to book your place whilst covid restrictions are in place

Julie  Wheeler -  Fun and Fit.

Mobile: 07912622483 



Little Kickers

FREE TASTER SESSION MORNING IN HAWKWELL for Children aged 18 months - 4years old.
Limited spaces available
Please contact us to arrange:-
Tae Kwon-Do
Tae Kwon-Do

Tae Kwon-Do

Held on Tuesday Evening at 18:15 - 19:15

for more information go to our Warm Welcome Page

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